Free quotes provided by state-certified technicians to help protect your home from intruders with:

-Home Security
-Apartments & Condominiums
-Smoke Detectors
-Heat Detectors
-Carbon Monoxide Sensors
-Leak & Flood Detection
-High Temperature Alarms
-Low Temperature Alarms
-Automatic Thermostats & Z-Wave Devices
-Automatic Door Locks
-Automated Vacation Lighting Schedules & Scenes
-U.L. Listed Monitoring Center

Access & Door Controls

Custom design by state-certified burglar and fire alarm technicians. Unless agreed to in advance, all quotes are at no charge. No obligation and no high-pressure.

Monitor and manage who comes and goes from your building on which days during which hours. Eliminate an employee’s access with one click of the mouse from home or remote computer. With “Total Connect” services you can disarm your alarm, unlock the door and let a service person into your home, watch him complete his work, and lock the door and arm the system when he leaves.

Why bother re-keying door locks every time an employee leaves with the keys?


  • Residential & Commercial Electric Door Locks
  • Battery Operated Door Locks
  • Card-Key Systems
  • Telephone Entry Systems
  • Remotely Lock & Unlock Doors
  • Electric Keypads
  • Biometric Fingerprint Readers


Medic Alerts & Emergency Buttons

We can help you monitor an older relative or install sensors to make sure they open the refrigerator door, or walk out of their bedroom within a certain amount of time.


  • Medical Pendants or Wrist-Bands
  • Two-Way Voice Systems that you can take with you
  • Smoke Detectors for that “Forgetful Chef” or Smoker


Video Systems and Cameras

We can install video CCTV cameras which let you know if you have a delivery at your front door, along with a text message and a few-second video clip. We also install digital video recorders that can store video for weeks or months.

We can alert you when the kids get home from school and let you see if they have friends with them, or let you look in on your pets. Did someone go into your backyard while you were away?

Digital Video Recorders with up to months of recorded video including “Night Vision” Infra-red or Extreme Low-Light Cameras.


Fire Alarm Systems

Our Certified Fire Alarm Techs can help protect your commercial & residential property with installation, service, and monitoring of fire alarm systems.


  • Residential & Commercial
  • Test and Inspection
  • Certification
  • Smoke Detectors
  • Heat Detectors
  • Pull Stations
  • Duct Smoke Detectors
  • Sprinkler System Monitoring
  • High & Low Temperature Sensors
  • Service, Repair, & Monitoring