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Here are a few tips for preparing for a vacation:
- Don't post your plans on social media. A friend of a friend of a
friend may not be as honest as your friends. 
- Arrange for a friend to pick up your mail and newspapers daily. 
- Finish off your perishables in the refrigerator.
- Call your credit card companies and notify them about your trip.
- Unplug any appliances that won't be used while you are away.
- Place passports, important papers, and valuables in a fire-proof 
- Set your security system for "AWAY".
- Our new Honeywell Lyric systems have programmable 
"scenes" where your lights can turn on or off at different times 
to make it appear that someone is home. Your thermostats can 
automatically raise or lower the temperature to save money on 
heat and air-conditioning. We can easily upgrade old systems.
- Our new Skybell doorbell cameras can let you know someone
pressed the doorbell or is hanging around your front or side 
- Our Honeywell Total Connect cameras allow one to check on 
pets inside the house or alert you of activity in common areas.

Have fun on your vacation or business trip, but make sure your home is safe and sound when you return. By the time the 
neighbors realize there is a fire, the smoke is coming out of the 
eaves. Our smoke and heat detectors notify you and the fire
department right away. We also install flood and freeze sensors.

http://www.security.honeywell.com/hsc/images/7720V2TR_lo.jpg HAVE YOU SEEN THIS GUY?  

This is what your power transformer looks like.                            

    It may be white, black, or usually a light tan color.  It is usually plugged into a power outlet near the main control panel of your alarm. Sometimes it will be plugged into the outlet above your overhead garage door opener.   If it is quite warm, this is normal.  If it is too hot to touch or very discolored it is probably time to replace it.  Depending of the size of your system, they cost between $15 and $20.  Some systems have more than one transformer.  It is not an emergency to replace a hot or slightly discolored transformer, but if it looks melted at all, you should call us right away to arrange a service call  (727) 391-9058) or (866) 391-9901.

    All alarms should be tested regularly.  Call the monitoring center first (1-800-432-1429), and place your alarm on test.  Set your alarm as if you are going away.  Then open the entry/exit door and pretend to leave.  Stay still until the alarm is completely armed (30 seconds – 3 min.)    Walk around in front of any motion sensors, open protected doors and windows, and test any panic buttons.  Call back for results and remove from test mode.

    Most alarm-panel and sensor batteries last about 3 years.  Many clients have us come out every year and go through the entire system, test and clean smoke detectors, and have a certified technician make sure your alarm is ready when you need it.  This proactive approach greatly reduces the probability of false dispatches and fines.

    Many of our clients have camera systems that also need to be tested and cleaned.  Unfortunately, several clients have called us after a serious incident, because the incident was not recorded due to poor maintenance of their video recorder and cameras.  We can log into your camera system once a month and check system health for $20/month.

    Our service rates are among the lowest in the industry, but because of rising costs of insurance, labor and other items, we are probably going to have a slight service-fee increase after November 30th.  Please contact us to arrange a checkup for your system.

Thank you for helping us to continue to provide service in this, our 27th year.

www.activesecurityco.com (727) 391-9058 or (866) 391-9901

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   What do we do for you?

    I thought it would be nice to let our clients know some of what goes on behind the scenes at Active Security Co.  Our goal is to make your experience with your security and automation systems as pleasant and trouble-free as possible.

    Every technician and design/sales team-member is state-certified, which means they’ve passed background and drug-testing, and received training in security and fire alarm design, installation, and maintenance.  They must receive continuing education for re-certification every two years.  All of us take more than the required credit-hours.  We are required by Honeywell and other manufacturers to become certified and trained on software and programming of several products.

    A field technician starts with at least good computer and general construction skills, and is typically only considered a journeyman after 5 years of experience in the life-safety trade.  They must be familiar with, and up to date with the National Electrical Code, Life Safety Code 101, and the National Fire Prevention Association Fire Alarm Code 72.

    Every day a senior technician goes over a report of all alarms that occurred in the last 24 hours.  He calls every client with un-explained or nuisance alarms to see if they need further training or to find out if they need a service call to rectify a problem.  We would rather be proactive regarding these situations, rather than have clients upset about alarm fines.  I’m pretty sure our continued diligence in this area doesn’t go un-noticed by police responding to our clients when they need help.

     Dave Gerald, Roy Krueger, and Ray Yauchler have served several years as Regional Vice Presidents and on the Board of Directors of the Alarm Association of Florida.  Ray Yauchler has served on the Executive Board of the AAF. 

    Our monitoring center, CMS, is known as one of the best monitoring centers in the country, with very fast response times, and redundant locations in Florida, California, and New Jersey.  Their highly-trained operators, supervisors, and computerized monitoring and alarm management systems are the best in the industry.

    We take great pride in our effort to constantly improve and provide the best service possible to our customers.  If you have any problems or would like to refer a friend for THREE FREE MONTHS MONITORING, please don’t hesitate to call on TEAM ACTIVE.        Please “like us” on Facebook – Active Security Co.




  “Hmmm…Why is my vehicle speeding over the Skyway Bridge?” We now offer real-time GPS vehicle or article location information, geo-fencing, alerts and updates at your fingertips—a great way to keep tabs on family members or employees, find missing vehicles, or monitor and recover lost or stolen assets.   Call today for more information.

    Want to control your security system, lighting, thermostats, locks, even view live video—whether you’re at home or away?

    With your new or existing security system, Active Security Co, your Honeywell Authorized Dealer, can take all of this amazing home control functionality and place it at your fingertips using the same devices that are already a part of your everyday life-your smartphones, tablets and Internet-connected devices.

    It’s that time of year again, when you can expect a bunch of door-knockers offering “free upgrades” for your security system.  BEWARE…

Some folks find out too late that they’ve just signed up for over $65 per month for their “free upgrades”.  Many have equipment installed that can only be monitored by that company, which means we can’t help you after the fact without replacing this “free” equipment.  We have been your local, professional, family-owned systems provider for 26 YEARS with State-Certified technicians and design consultants.

    Don’t forget to collect your THREE MONTHS FREE MONITORING by referring a friend or acquaintance. Just call or email us with the referral.

(727) 391-9058 or toll-free 1 (866) 391-9901

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Newsletter   -   Active Security Co.

   Call us to find out how to be ready for the quickly approaching end-of-life coming for standard telephone lines.  Don’t get caught in the final days’ crunch.

Please visit  www.security.honeywell.com  to see some of the newest technology available for homes and businesses. You will find several new items that may interest you.  Did you know you can watch your pets from your computer at work or your cell phone, or see who just turned off your alarm? Check out Total Connect at the website.

    We strongly urge our clients to regularly test their equipment to ensure it is functioning properly and reporting to the monitoring station. Regular inspection and maintenance helps ensure it will do the job, when you need it most.

     LET US PAY YOUR MONITORING BILL… If you refer a friend or relative to us and they install an alarm system with our standard monitoring agreement, we’ll pay your next three months of monitoring.  THREE  REFERRALS IN A YEAR and YOU GET CREDIT for ONE YEAR of FREE MONITORING!  (Make sure your friends mention your name, so you will be sure to receive the credit.)

     Most people don’t see the frequent crimes that police and alarm companies see every day.  We are often on site the morning after, when someone calls us to help prevent future loss. Times have changed.  There is less respect for people and property than ever, and the criminals are keeping very busy.

    One crime that is growing rapidly is stolen air-condensers from roofs or next to homes and businesses.  The aluminum and copper are being cut-up and sold for scrap.  We have methods of early detection and possible apprehension of these crimes.  Call our office today for information.  

   If you change telephone or internet service, please let us know. You are wise to protect yourself, but please realize that we may not know immediately if a communications contractor disconnects your alarm from the network. 

   Some clients pay us a minimal fee to come out at least once a year to inspect and test their security or video equipment.

Don’t be paranoid, just be prepared...

*Set your alarm even if you are leaving the house for a short trip.

*Make sure no strangers are nearby when unlocking your door or

  driving into the garage.     

*Have a panic button available near your bedside or easy chair.

   For you Facebook users, please visit Active Security Co. on Facebook and leave us a comment or two If you like.  We can always use a little help getting the word out.

   If you have automobiles in an attached garage, or if you burn propane or natural gas in the home, carbon-monoxide detectors can save your life. We can have help on the way even if you are unconscious.

   Active Security Co. is celebrating 25 years in business this year.


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